Review: The Rock Bottom Brewery located in Campbell, CA

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The Rock Bottom Brewery is located in Campbell, CA at the Pruneyard which makes it a pretty convenient place to go for a date night. Although I had always wanted to try the food and beer at Rock Bottom it wasn’t until a few nights ago that I got the chance to dine there. My date and I arrived around seven and there wasn’t a single seat except at the bar. Since we wanted to actually sit and enjoy our first visit there we waited about ten minutes to be seated in the dining area.

The full menu is actually pretty impressive because there are quite a few tasty sounding creations; however, it was the Titan toothpicks appetizer that stood out to me. To wash down the food I ordered a beer sampler for my date and I to share. By the time my Laredo Burger and her Honey Chicken sandwich came from the kitchen we had devoured the beer sampler and appetizer (and it was NOT because the kichen took long). I must say that the beer is definitely some of the best that I have ever tried (in every category, whether it be the kolsch, hefe, brown, etc.) and I don’t believe that I could really pick a favorite (which is usually pretty easy because I tend to like the darker beers). The burger was just as tasty. It was perfect to me because it wasn’t messy but it was filled with flavors and juices.

The restaurant was designed well because it makes you feel as if you are at the Rock Bottom of a cave. When guests look up towards the center of the pub, through some glass panels on the second floor, they are able to see where all the brewing magic happens. Above the bar, on the back wall, are two chalkboards listing each in-house beer along with it’s properties such as average alcohol content and the born on date. There are also a few large flat screen televisions surrounding the edges of the dining room and sitting above the bar so patrons can watch their favorite sports game. The staff also seems to understand that good customer service is vital for the restaurant’s survival; everyone was friendly and worked quickly to make sure that we walked away with a good experience. So when our server mixed up our tab with another guest’s tab the problem was solved immediately.

Overall, I would have to say that Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery is definitely worth the money. The food is good, the beer is remarkable, and the staff works hard to ensure that its guests are happy.

Cleanliness: 8/10

Food: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Price: 7/10


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