Ideas to make Valentines Day Unforgettable!

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Every year it seems that people have trouble thinking of good ideas to impress their valentine. The typical box of chocolates and bunch of roses gets you an unimpressed look from your significant other as if they were telepathically saying “How original; I know I must mean a lot to you.” Meanwhile, they say “thank you” aloud and look enviously at that one jerk that goes overboard for Valentine’s Day and makes everyone look bad.

First off, I have to say that Valentine’s Day is a blessing even though it may not feel like one. This is an excuse to do something for your loved ones. Before you go crazy and buy tons of stuff I recommend that you put some thought into the gifts you give so that they really hit close to the heart (cupid may not have to aim his arrows but you do). Here are some general rules that I follow to make Valentine’s Day successful each year.

1. Spend as little money as possible

2. Think as much as possible

3. Mean everything you say or do

I guess I should elaborate on my rules since they seem unconventional. My first rule forces me to be creative because it keeps me from just blowing a bunch of cash to impress. No fancy restaurants, no fancy vacations, and absolutely no diamonds or expensive shiny jewelry. Crap! Now it’s time to think about what you can do (sounds like rule two doesn’t it?). Think back to that in-depth conversation you had with your lover about saving wildlife or the US constitution. The key here is that you are looking to your partner for ideas and good ideas will often spark from past romantic moments that you have had. Even if you haven’t really had romantic moments with your Valentine you can still think back to the contact that you have had with them. So if you had a very memorable conversation about the US constitution then you can draft up your own ‘love constitution’ and write it on a nice scroll or print it if you have horrible hand writing. Play to your strengths too! If you are a tech person then the ‘love constitution’ should be photo-shopped an example like this adds a personal touch to the gift. What makes good ideas awesome is the details and time spent on the gift. If you spend enough time thinking about a good gift you are bound to come up with something that is meaningful to both of you. (Rule 3)

For one Valentine’s Day I gave my girlfriend a necklace. However, this was not an ordinary necklace it was a special handmade necklace. The previous year we had been on a date and we ended up at this awesome beach collecting shells together. So for Valentine’s Day, I collected some shells at the beach and made each of us a bead necklace with shells to hang over our rear-view mirrors. I told her that mine would always remind me of the awesome time that I had with her. [edited to spark, sunset and dinner]

Another great thing to do is create your own environment. If you can’t afford Hawaii then bring it to your Valentine by setting up Hawaiian decorations in the dining room, put on some luau music and make an authentic Hawaiian dish to share.

Remember creativity and thought are everything. Here are some more ideas if you want to hear other peoples Valentine’s Day stories.


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