How to Handshake

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Step One

Keep eye contact with the person you are going to shake your hands with.

Step Two

Smile and say hello as you extend your right arm and right hand forward. Make sure the your arm is relaxed. The angle between your arm and hand at the elbow should be approximately 110 degrees. You should meet the other person’s hand halfway between the two of you.

Step Three

Make sure your hand is parallel to the floor. Your palm should be vertical and face left.

Step Four

Apply pressure to the other person’s hand. You should only apply as much pressure as is needed to squeeze toothpaste out of a tube. Apply more pressure, and you will be considered aggressive; apply less, and your handshake will be considered too limp.

Step Five

Once both your hands are clasped, move it up and down once or twice. Maintain eye contact and smile during this time. Then let the other person’s hand go. Handshakes should last for approximately 15 seconds.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not use both hands as it may send off the signal that you are aggressive
  • Make sure you apply the right kind of pressure
  • Ask a friend to rate your handshake
  • Do not hold on to the other person’s hand for too long
  • Do not tilt your head when you shake hands in a business setting (this is especially true for women) as that can be considered cutesy.

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