A-Rod Ruined!

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This year has most likely been Alex Rodriguez’s worst; and it’s only February 8. He hasn’t had to deal with the mighty expectations of the new Yankee Stadium, or with New York fans. In this month and a half he’s been divorced, and accused of steroid use by an official document. Regardless of how this plays out A-Rod is already ruined.

A lot of things depend on how this situation is handled. If Alex admits that he juiced, we call all be happy put this behind us and let the season begin. He can also go with the trainer error defense. This is where he doesn’t deny using, but he says he didn’t know he was. He’ll come out with, “I thought it was a B-12 injection,” or something to that matter. Similar to Barry Bonds’ defense. The worst possible situation will be if he outright denies usage. He will end up going up some one’s creak without a paddle; and the creak will be neck deep. We have all seen how this plays out with Mr. Clemens.

So far Alex Has handled the situation exceptionally well. He said, “no comment,” and, “talk to the union.”  So in a week or so Alex will have to face the media, and hopefully admit to what he has done.

All of this is obsolete anyway. Alex’s name has already been defamed, and he joins the long list to greats that were “first balloters” as we say. Barring career ending injury, Alex will most likely be the all time home run king. He may just be the greatest player to ever run out on that magic diamond. In the future when we compile the lists of the all time greats; Alex Rodriguez will come up. And we will debate and yell and argue weather he should be on that list or not.

Baseball has some names that will live on in infamy. People like Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, Rodger Clemens, Jose Conseco, Pete Rose, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, and now A-Rod. These are some of the greatest players in history; almost all of them hold records. They will appear on the ballot out of respect for our love on numbers, but none of them will ever give that speech at Cooperstown.

But I will vote. I will give these players the respect that they do or do not disserve. They are the greats that have played the game, and who are we to deny them of one of the greatest moments of their life.

So in 15 to 20 years when Alex is on the ballot for the first time, and some of these names are on the ballot for the last time, what will you do?


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