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Google seems to be everywhere these days. Chances are when you turn on your computer, you will do a Google search. When you reach target page, you will see advertisements. These are ads for Google AdSense, and the advertiser pays good money to advertise on websites. So how does the advertiser know if their ad is adequate? After all, if the ad is not appealing enough to receive clicks, then they will not sell their product. Google wants their advertisers to be successful so they will continue to pay Google to place their ads on websites. To ensure advertisers success, Google hires non-bias employees to rate each ad. the best part is you can work from the comfort of your own home as a Google Quality Ad Rater!

Step1  Apply:
I have included the link in my resources section below. You will need a cover letter and resume. In addition, Google asks that you possess a four year college degree, and have some writing experience.However, I know people who have gotten hired without a college degree. You will also be asked to take an easy test. When you apply, expect to wait a few weeks for a response. Google hires in cycles, so be patient. Pay ranges from $10-$20/hour, and you must work at least ten (10) hours a weeks. However, you can work up to forty hours in the comfort of your own home ! If you are fluent in another language, expect an influx of work to come your way from Google.

Step2  Sign a disclosure statement:
There is little to no information in regards to becoming an ad rater for Google. This is because Google does not want people discussing the trade secrets of advertising and/or how ads are rated. Rating ads is like a science experiment. Basically ad ratings have to rated in a controlled environment without discussion. You will need to sign a disclosure statement after you accept a position.

Step3  Complete Tasks:
You will receive tasks for the week when you log onto your account. Tasks are first- come-first-serve, so be sure to grab your tasks early. Tasks are easy, but tedious. You are also rated for your performance as an employee on a report card. If you are consistent and complete your tasks in a timely matter, you should have no problem.

Step4  Get paid weekly:
Google hires an outside agency-Workforce Logic to hire and pay their ad raters. Expect to get paid weekly. If you are looking for a secure way to make money at home, then applying to become a Google Ad Rater may be a good fit.


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