How to Financially Support your Missionary When you Haven’t the Finances to Spare

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As a Missionary making her way back to “the field” during a time when Americans have lost confidence in the economy, I’ve been doing my research on how to mobilize people who would like to be involved in supporting World Missions but have little financial support to spare. You’ll be amazed how simple these fund-raising ideas are and how little it takes to make a huge difference!

1.) Collect Cell Phones—  You could help to mobilize a missionary by agreeing to put up flyers with you as a contact person advertising that you are collecting unused cell phone to support World Missions. There are organizations which donate to ministries and causes in exchange for unused cell phones to dispose of properly so as not to harm the environment.

2.) Throw a Party!— Get your girls together for an “accessories swap” where each item is given a small price and you buy each others accessories, with the profits going to support your missionary, thereby ridding you of your old things, fitting you with new ones, and giving you a fun night with friends!

3.) Collect Used Stamps— There are people who donate to ministries in exchange for boxes of used stamps– any kind, from anywhere, any age. Just make sure to cut them out of your envelopes with about a 1/2 inch of paper left around the edges.

4.)Raffles— Of course there is always the old standby of having a raffle. Whether you have something to donate as a raffle prize, or whether the raffle prize is simply a percentage of the money raised by selling the tickets, when you explain what the cause is, people are generally willing to chip in a dollar for the chance to win and the chance to help.

The options are truly endless when you set your mind on being a part. Pray about what part you can play! God will always use a willing heart…


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