What Isn’t…the Lesson of Gaza

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At 11:00 a.m. (EST), on February 6, 2009, the BBC reported
that Hamas had, again, confiscated a United Nation’s Aid shipment.
Because of this second incident, the UN was suspending all Aid.

The world is deafeningly silent.
No protests in the street.
Everyone seems to have forgotten all about
the situation in Gaza.

A few weeks ago, when Israel retaliated against eight years
of rocket attacks, there were demonstrations against Israel
all over the world. Apparently, Israel has no right to defend
itself against attack, or a limited right.

Those who understood events were not marching in the
streets, were not vocal in protest, because they had the
annoying ability to comprehend the nature of war.

To put it simply, there is a technical difference between
rockets being launched by unnamed terrorists who reside
in an area and are not under government control, (or can
plausibly be denied to be under government control
) and
a government firing rockets into another country.

Hamas is the government in Gaza.
The people voted for it.
The population of Gaza support Hamas.
Hamas is a terrorist organisation which supports rocket
attacks on Israel. A rocket attack on Israel is a
Declaration of War.

Hamas has taught the world the use of ‘human shields’.
It is a great way to get simpleton’s support.
Put a rocket launcher on the roof of a school.
Fire a rocket.
The flash is detectable from a satellite which
pinpoints the location and retaliates.

That children are killed is not a problem to the Palestinian.
They are far easier to replace than a rocket launcher.
Further, bombing a school has great propaganda value.

Simpletons, unless the ‘dots’ are ‘connected’ will not be
able to comprehend that the response missile fired from
Israel had its coordinates set by computer which reacts
to the satellite image. Simpletons will rally and protest
because Israel bombed a school.

Those who launched the rocket from the school, (the same
ones who danced in the street when the World Trade Centre
was bombed, the same ones who cheered the bombings in
Madrid and London), bathe in the anti-Israel protests by the
simpletons they target.

The BBC itself began its heart rendering ‘poor Palestinians’
broadcasts during the first weeks of the war. The BBC
might have continued its Pro-Hamas stance if the financial
appeal from an organisation attempting to raise money for
Palestine had not been so strident.

The BBC quietly realised it had been ‘played’ and ceased
its pro-Hamas propaganda.

After the ‘truce’ was called and rockets continued to fall
on Israel, many simpletons realised they were simpletons
and slunk away as punters who had bet the farm on the
losing side.

They slunk away, having betrayed their anti-Sematism.

That this is the second time the UN had supplies meant for
starving refugees confiscated by Hamas at gunpoint should
surprise no one, not even simpletons.

The fact is very simple, the arguments about ‘state’ about
‘free Palestine’ are smoke screens. One is dealing with
paid militias whose purpose is to keep the pot boiling so
as to detract from Israel’s supporters, hoping to weaken
that nation sufficiently to allow attack by Iran or others.

The problem with Israel is that it is a successful democracy.
It occupies the same kind of property to be found in the rest
of the middle east.

That Israel has pioneered drip agriculture, can grow oranges
in the desert, and provide its citizens with all the benefits of
a first world country is an anathema to its Arab neighbors.

It creates a demand for rights unknown in the Arab world,
as it provides benefits reserved only to the ruling class.

Arab/Jew violence is of a fairly new vintage. Historically,
the relationship was good, the ‘enemy’ Christian Crusaders,
European Kingdoms. Until World War I, the Ottoman
Empire ruled all the areas now made up of Iran, Iraq,
Israel, Palestine, etc.

The carving up of the Empire after WWI and the push
for a Jewish Homeland, which gained support after
WWII, has created an enmity which could have been
healed in the 1950s if political mileage was not available.

For the Palestinians to blame Israel for bombing a school,
or keeping them in the kind of discomfort that has been so
widely publicised is a way certain interests enjoy power.

I’m sure any mouth in Gaza which objected to using a school
as a site to launch rockets belongs to a corpse. The only way
for Hamas to hold power is to play the ‘Two Minutes Hate’
as so clearly explained in George Orwell’s 1984.

That we now know the world is full of simpletons is the
result of the recent conflict in Gaza.


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