How to Burn an Audio CD File Into MP3 Using Nero

Did you know that Nero can be set to function as a program to burn your audio CD file into MP3 file ?

This is the step by step ;

1. Start Nero application, run Nero Startsmart. Click [Start] > [All Program] > [Nero] > [Nero Startsmart]

2. On Nero Startsmart window, choose [Expert Mode] with two people icon.

3. When some new features appear, choose [Audio] and click [Rip CD Tracks]

4. After you click it, a dialog box will appear, asking you to insert CD Audio drive. Next, there will be another dialog  box asking wether you want to get any information of the artist/tittle from nero/Internet CD Database. Just click [No].

5. There will be a list of track from the audio CD, choose codec that you want to use in “Output file format”. To turn the track into MP3, choose [MP3 pro] or choose any supported MP3 codec. You can arrange the sound quality in “Setting” section located next to “Output file format” column. Choose your destination folder to save the file, by clicking [Browse}. When all done, click [Select All], and click [Go].

6. Nero will burn your Audio CD into MP3 file. Choose [Close] after it finished.

Have fun ! 

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