How To Buy At Real Wholesale Prices

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One hot thing right now, and always, is electronics. The ones site I absolutely recommend is They have tons of great items at very good prices. They do not require a minimum order, and they will drop ship! Many of their items are refurbished, saving you even more money! Most items come with a warranty, and you find find name brands such as Sony, Panasonic, Cobra, etc..

While I hate to tell you this and I know you do not want to hear it, stop wasting your time trying to find Xbox’s and PS3’s for $100. It is not going to happen. Places like Wal Mart are the only ones who get them at true wholesale prices and they are nowhere near as cheao as you think, the retailers enjoy little mark up. So, when someone tells you they have them for super cheap, do not fall for it. Same goes for iPods and anything else that seems too good to be true.

Also visit this website for more great wholesale items and prices.

Another hot item is anything to do with babies. If you sell at flea markets / swap meets you can make a killing off baby items! Just beware of the so called wholesale sites who charge you $2 for something you can find in the dollar store. An example of this is (click link). Dollar Days has many, many items which are dollar store brands and yet they sell them at outrageous prices claiming to be wholesale. The BEST place to find dollar store items (and they are high quality!) is You will find great baby items here. Listed below are some other great wholesale sites to find baby items. This site has GREAT prices, but they do require a $350 minimum order.

*Note that many of the above sites have tons of merchandise beyond baby stuff!

Here are a few other great wholesale websites covering a variety of categories.


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