How a First Date At Any Age can be Great

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First dates can be nerve racking for young and old, male and female.  This is a time when you want to make a good impression, but don’t want to pretend to be someone you’re not.  You want to talk about yourself and learn about your date.  You want to immediately find out if this person is the love of your life, which is of course impossible.  However here are some tips for a really good first date, no matter what your age, that will allow you to accomplish all of the above and much much more.

Start out with your Restaurant of choice.  It may seem like a cliché, but going out to eat is really a good idea for a first date.  It doesn’t matter how expensive or inexpensive or what type of restaurant, but eating out and conversing with others is a lifetime activity.  You want to make sure you and your date are good at it.  You should definitely sit across from the person, you don’t want them getting too comfortable, too soon.  This also allows for eye contact, where you can often times gauge sincerity.  This time will allow you both to talk about yourselves, have eye contact, detect his or her mannerisms, find out if he/she tips wait staff and to see what your dates eating habits are like.  This may sound silly, but the first time I saw my now husband eat, it was almost a deal breaker.  Talk about food falling everywhere! Sorry honey – he’s gotten much better.

Next, go to a heavily populated place.  An outdoor concert, bowling, a large party or any place where there will be a lot of people.  You will get to see how your date interacts and reacts to people in general.  This can show you a lot.  Does he/she get ticked off when someone bumps into them, does he/she call them names or curse.  Does he/she talk negatively about individuals in the crowd who don’t look like him/her or worse make racist statements about different groups of people?  Is he/she naturally polite to older ones?  If it’s a guy, does he open your door for you and/or hold the door for ladies while at the same time respecting you?  Does your date have roving eyes?  When you go to a heavily populated place or event, there’s bound to be other attractive people there.  Is your date checking out every nice looking face and body he/she sees?  As you can see, going to a heavily populated place can provide you with a wealth of information, without you having to say a word.  If he or she is truly a nice person, you will often times be pleasantly surprised, just by watching how your date interacts and treats others.

Lastly make sure you’re both alone on the way home or at the end of the date.  Make sure your friends and/or your dates friends aren’t hanging around.  That way you can get a feel for how he/she thought the date went.  If they are aloof or cold you shouldn’t push anything.  Restraint when you like someone, but they aren’t feeling the same about you is imperative to avoid being made a fool of.  If your date is chatty, but doesn’t really try to make eye contact or better yet doesn’t make an attempt to hold your hand, maybe they enjoyed your company, but just as a friend.  If your date makes an effort at eye contact while talking to you at the end of the date and even reaches out to hold your hand, you can assume they liked you!  I personally don’t hold hands with people I don’t like.  If this part of the date and the first two scenarios were to your liking, then don’t be afraid to ask your date out again.  Life can be short, so don’t play games.  These tips will work no matter what your age.  Here’s hoping you’ll have a great first date!

If this date is a flop, try, try again.

If your date acts rude to others, he or she may also act that way to you, once the honeymoon phase of dating is over.  Don’t look through rose colored glasses on this one.


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