How to Learn to use QuickBooks for Free

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QuickBooks is the most widely used software for small businesses that I’ve seen.  Every  one who’s anyone is trying to make sure they have QuickBooks knowledge.  Even if you aren’t a small business owner or bookkeeper, you may want to familiarize yourself with the basic accounting principles.  This will be helpful in running your household or personal finances.  So how can you get the training you need to use this software for free?  Keep reading!

Start your computer and log onto the internet.  Type in the web address: From the home page click the tab: “New to QuickBooks”.  Make sure the “Manage Finances” tab is selected when the page loads.  Scroll Down to the bottom of the page and click the download button under the icon that reads: “Use QuickBooks FREE”.

Once you’ve downloaded the software you may have to allow your computer to accept cookies in order to start using QuickBooks.  However if you simply want to view the tutorial you can click on the “Overview” button, once your download is complete.  Once you start using QuickBooks, you must also register with Intuit after your training.

Make sure you are in a quiet setting to learn the basics especially if accounting principles don’t come naturally to you or if they bore you.  There will be an opportunity to go back and review what you’ve learned.  You will have an “Explore QuickBooks” option as well.  Remember you are getting a lot of information here.  I believe that there is only a sixty day time limit to examine and learn the basics for free, then Intuit will want you to purchase QuickBooks.  So be diligent and learn the basics of this wonderful accounting software tool for FREE!

If you want to learn the professional version and not just the basics, I’m selling my old Learn QuickBooks CD (which covers everything) on Ebay. This won’t expire and it’s yours to keep and refer to again and again!  My member name on Ebay is: excessgoods2004 But hurry, the auction ends soon on CST!

The FREE software trial ends in 60 days or less.  Be diligent and learn all you can!


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