How to Cleanse without using store bought supplements

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For those who love all things natural and health related, cleansing is very intriguing. Even when we try to eat organic foods, we still live in a world where chemical toxins can be absorbed through the skin, by simply walking outside. That’s because there are air pollutants that we simply can’t control. What you can do however is cleanse ever so often. There is no limit to the products claiming to cleanse your body of toxins, but in case you didn’t know, most natural supplements and cleansing products are not regulated by the FDA. Let’s be honest an FDA regulation really doesn’t mean a thing anyway, several FDA approved drugs have been pulled from the shelves. So if you can’t trust items regulated by the FDA, why on earth would you buy so-called natural supplements that aren’t regulated at all and ingest them into your body? Don’t let this discourage you from cleansing however. I believe in doing this naturally and it only lasts for seven (7) days. My advice:

Start by finding several vegetarian recipes that you like. You can do this easily online. Then make your trip to the grocery store. Look for organic fruits and vegetables that you know you will eat and that you may even like to ingest raw. Buy loads, get excited by the different colors of the various food items you chose. Try at least one fruit and vegetable that you have Never tried before. Also buy fruits and vegetables that you don’t like and juice them. You may be surprised that you prefer them as juice. I strongly recommend that in addition to your daily vegetarian recipes you juice at least five fruits and vegetables. You’ll be surprised at how much you can take in when you juice. Again do this in addition to your recipe and have it as your drink instead of pop, wine or store bought juice. Buy for the entire week and take your recipes with you, so you don’t forget any ingredients. Also buy beans for protein as a substitute for meat. You must be ready to prep these items when you get home. Having your food cleaned and ready will make it that much easier to start your week of cleansing. Make sure to make a meal for breakfast and lunch. You can skip a dinner meal if possible; but don’t skip breakfast.

Every day in addition to eating your veggie meals and juice you need to work out for at least 30 minutes. Remember this is only for one week or seven days and you’re worth it! Working out has benefits beyond compare. Most you already know, but the release of toxins is not talked about nearly enough when it comes to exercise. The sweat glands will release some of the toxins you’ve had to deal with during the day, that you have no control over (i.e. the air we breath). Of course this will also boost your mood, help with elimination and once you’re done, you won’t want to sabotage your day with a slip up.

At the days end you should fill your tub or Jacuzzi with a nice hot bath. As hot as you can stand. When you get in the tub take with you a jug of water to drink throughout your self made spa. With this step you are again sweating out the toxins in your body and relaxing your muscles from your work-out. If you are a busy professional like me, you’re also meditating and letting your mind rest from the days events. Don’t skip this step or take it lightly. Soak for at least 20 minutes and ask your family and friends to allow you this “Me’ time. Once you get out, you will feel refreshed and only want to satiate yourself with something healthy. Get an orange or grapefruit; a fruit with a lot of juice and continue to drink water after leaving your spa experience. Remember to moisturize for the next seven days after each spa. Once you do this successfully for one week, your self confidence will soar! You’ll feel so much better. I’m anxious to hear from those of you who try this and want to know what your results were. While this is not a weight loss plan, most will lose a few pounds. This a great way to cleanse and start new habits. You’ll feel better both physically and psychologically. Let me know your results!



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