How to Enjoy Cooking when you Hate to Cook

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If you’re like me and I know you are, you LOVE to eat, but HATE to cook. My mother is the best cook in the world and I got spoiled growing up. I would come home and smell the great aromas and then guess what was brewing. My Mom would then tell me if I was right or wrong. I was pretty much always right. Mouth salivating, I would go wash up and get ready to chow down! Now that I’m: “blankety, blank” years old, with a family of my own I truly miss the years my mother, who loves to cook, would do this chore for me. I believe in eating well and healthy and making food that fits that criteria for my family. This has made cooking vs. fast food or takeout, essential. I TRULY started out my married life Hating to cook but now have come to enjoy it. Not that I can’t cook. I know how to season food just right and it has always turned out Great! But learning to love dealing with cleaning the food, cleaning the kitchen before and after cooking (I’m a neat freak), prepping the meats, veggies, etc and feeling the heat from the stove are on my: NO FUN list. But again, I have learned to enjoy this task and I have some great advice for those who’d like to feel the same.

Let me start by saying: Talking to yourself is really UNDER rated. If you don’t have a TV in the kitchen your own voice can really keep you company. Oh I forgot, you have to be creative like I am, and really have a desire to be heard and secretly star in your own cooking show. Visualize that you’re Jacque Pepin, Bea Smith or Julia Child and you have a captive audience. Believe me this will help you when you’re doing the things you hate: washing and cutting the vegetables, cleaning the utensils, cleaning the counters, feeling the heat from the stove (ALL THINGS I HATE!).

Now give Step by Step instructions on washing and prepping the food. This is a necessary task that can really take the fun out of cooking. However, it really does become more palatable when you are giving step by step instructions on your future culinary masterpiece to an imaginary audience. Tell them the nutritious value of each vegetable or food item you’re preparing. Believe it or not this also serves to reinforce your reason for doing this in the first place. You want healthy, prepared meals for you and your family.

Lastly don’t shy away from telling your own corny food jokes and looking up as if there was a camera filming you. If no one is home, who’s going to kid you!! Even if your mate or children are home, they will think you’re “Just crazy enough” to leave you alone and let you continue talking to yourself and cooking. Or they may watch with adoration and give you the actual adoring fans and audience you need to make cooking enjoyable.

* Always wash your hands

* Always wash your food – even if the package says it’s pre-wash

* Always wash cooking surfaces (counter, stove, table)

* If your first meal doesn’t come out right, just do what they do on TV: Taste it, look at the imaginary camera, smile and say it tastes GREAT.

* Keep at it and you will soon be cooking well and enjoying it


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