Best Remedies for Hair loss

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What are the best remedies for hair loss problems?

There are numerous remedies for hair loss. Nowadays people go to doctors for hair loss treatment. But the best way to fight hair loss or Alopecia is to follow the Ayurvedic treatments which are even more beneficial. Some of the tips which you may follow in order to avoid hair loss are the following:

Ayurvedic Pack: A special Ayurvedic preparation which is prepared from Bhringraj (Eclipta elba), Amla, corals, iron and black sesame seeds is especially useful. It also prevents premature graying of hair.

Rubbing the scalp: You can rub the scalp vigorously after washing your hair; it increases the circulation and also activates the sebaceous glands. This helps in normal development of hair. If water gets accumulated in the hair, then the roots become wet and consequently they weaken.

Mixture of lettuce and spinach: You can mix a right proportion of lettuce and spinach juice. It helps in hair growth. Another helpful combination comprises the juice of alfalfa mixed with carrot, and lettuce juice. You can apply this mixture in the bald area of your scalp. After a few days you can see hair roots developing in the area and hair coming out.

Coconut oil: The best way to avoid dandruff which is mainly responsible for the hair fall is to apply coconut oil mixed with lime juice. You can also apply the green coriander leaves on the head to avoid hair loss. This also increases the strength of the hair follicle and enhances in hair growth.

Black beans and Fenugreek: You can wash your hair with a paste of cooked Urad dal (black beans) and fenugreek (methi). This may be done for twice or thrice a week. After repetition of this formula for one or two months you can see a conspicuous difference in your scalp.

Licorice application: You can apply a paste of licorice made by grinding it in milk in the bald patches. This induces hair growth in the bald regions. A paste of seeds of lemon and black pepper may also be beneficial.

Physical exercise: Regular physical exercise is a must for everyone who wants to increase the hair growth. It is extremely beneficial and helps in balancing the pancreatic secretion which causes hair loss. With regular exercise, the overall circulation in the body is increased. Your brain and scalp will receive more oxygenated blood. This will enhance your hair growth.


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