How to Lose Weight by watching Infomercials

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but if you’re a night owl like I am, there is one infomercial after another on some new fitness routine or machine. While some are good; most are a re-vamping or re-creation of a program or fitness machine that has come along prior. I have found however that each infomercial has something a bit unique that I like and makes me want to get up and move with them. It’s this hook, that’s gets individuals to order. DON’T!!!!

While the infomercial is playing just get up and start moving. Do the routines that are shown and keep up with the group as much as possible in the brief clips. You simply WORK OUT WITH THEM!!! Make sure you sing the following: “While they’re sweating, keeping time, I’m losing weight too without spending a dime!” Keep saying this throughout the 30 min infomercials!!! Seriously, only break when the “quote un quote” celebrity fitness trainer comes on to speak about the product. However while the group is working out you do the same.

Do this for at least two to three nights a week, while you’re up anyway. Again don’t go for the ice-cream to get you to sleep, just watch TV. Keep scrolling channels until you find the infomercial that captivates you. The extra bonus besides not spending any money? VARIETY. You will be doing different exercises with different instructors and different people all in the comfort of your own home!!

Make sure to get dressed in your gym clothes and shoes even if’s it’s 2am. This will lend to the flexible movements you’ll need to do and of the workout and keep you from being too hard on your feet. Even if you don’t have the exact equipment they are using-IMPROVISE or use nothing at all. Trust me the movement for 30 min will produce RESULTS!

As with any exercise always check with your doctor first to see if you’re fit enough. And remember don’t forget to sing the hook I created for us: “While they’re sweating, keeping time, I’m losing weight too without spending a dime!” – Warning

Don’t feel bad if you’ve already purchased some of this stuff. I have too, but just DON’T spend another dime. Hit me up and let me know how much weight you’re losing. – Tip

P.S. One good side effect, you’ll sleep better and may become an early bird with a waist line that turns heads at night! GET IT?!?


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