Surviving on Valentine’s Day on Your Own

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Twelve Things You Must Not Even Think Of Doing Alone On Valentine’s Day

1 Wallow. Wallow. Wallow. Yes, we know you are single. Sitting there complaining and asking “why?” 1000 times is just not going to help you either.

2 Call your ex. Regardless of whether you want to say, “I am sorry” or share the 100 other emotions running through your body, mind and soul, don’t do it. Whether you dumped or you got dumped, it happened and it’s called a break up because it’s already broken. Patching up still doesn’t take away the cracks, so give it a rest.

3 Staying at home, lying in bed accompanied with every variety of junk food possible watching soppy love stories and crying your eyes out is not going to help you one little bit.

4 Sit in a bar by yourself hoping to be besotted with cheesy pick up lines and somehow think that you may just get a date that way.

5 Showing up at the same place where you know your ex will be. Somehow you found out where your ex is spending Valentine’s evening. Yes, you are better off than when you were with him or her but stop being a sourpuss about it and move on. Showing up in that sexy black dress or absolutely devastating new car may not generate the response you want and you are probably going to be more miserable than when you started. There is getting over a break up and then there is stalking. The first option is obviously so much more gracious and dignified than the latter, and never allow yourself to forget that.

6 Being sensitive about your single-hood is not going to help you in any way. People will have a lot of things to say and even more things to recommend but it can only get to you if you let it. So every time someone says something utterly annoying, take a deep breath and let it roll over your head. Snapping back is not going to help either party.

7 Yes, those boxes in your closet have been demanding your attention for some time now. But if there is any chance those boxes are actually filled with things that bring the memories racing back, or (even worse) your ex’s stuff, you may want to pick another day to clear them out. No matter what you say, going through the items is going to have you recalling the times you had together and this could leave you feeling exactly what you don’t want to – depressed.

8 Make fun of couples you know directly to their faces. Yes, you are single and they are a couple. You made your choice and they made theirs. We each have our preferences and making fun isn’t going to make anyone feel better.

9 Sitting down and writing hate notes. Yes, writing is an excellent way of expressing yourself and getting pent up emotions out in the open but sitting down on Valentine’s day writing hate notes about your ex is not helping anyone, especially you.

10 Don’t settle for the first person you meet. You were out at your local mart and bumped into this gorgeous looking person and the two of you very quickly hit it off. Within a matter of days you decide that this will be your Valentine. Never throw caution to the wind. Remember, everyone is single for a reason. Enough said.

11 Spend the day by yourself feeling entirely miserable. If you think that you can be strong by yourself then do it. We all need some time by ourselves, but if you know that being alone is going to leave you walking aimlessly from room to room wishing for things to be different, call for back up. Get some friends over to your place or see if you can make a trip to a friend’s place.

12 Listening to love songs all day that evoke every memory you had with your ex. Horribly bad choices of songs if you are in a soppy mood is Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt, Say Goodbye by Deborah Gibson and Jordan Knight or even He’ll Have To Go by Elvis, to name a few. Keep the mood bright. Think happy thoughts. If you need help, then you had better voice it out.

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