Twelve Things Do Alone On Valentine’s Day

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1 Hold your belly laughing when thinking of your friend who had to spend half his salary on keeping his or her other half happy.

2 Curl up on the couch watching the movie that YOU want while eating the food and desserts that YOU enjoy. Please make sure not to overdo this though, it is meant to give you a freedom of choice not an opportunity to binge because you are depressed.

3 Bubble bath – and it’s all yours! Take as long as you want soaking it up in the tub. No pressure to get ready, no rush. Set a more soothing mood with candles or dim lighting with aromatic scents and Valentine’s will probably see you more relaxed than anyone else you know.

4 Send out your own greetings, be it the form of cards, e-cards, cookies, chocolates etc., and send them to friends and family. Show them you are better than someone who sits and sobs simply because Valentine’s is around the corner.

5 Spend the whole day doing exactly what you want. If you like baking then bake or if you want to go through the entire Star Wars trilogy stopping, pausing, rewinding and fast forwarding then by all means go ahead.

6 If you’re in the mood for dressing up and making a statement then get that chic outfit on and have a wild night! This will make a statement that you love the fact that you are single. However, if you do bump into another Ms. or Mr. Lonelyheart somewhere in the evening out who catches your attention, then make sure the two of you talk about anything else apart from how both of you are single and your respective ex-es.

7 Spend the day at a place of interest. If you are alone on Valentine’s because you have been traveling or you are at new place then pick a local spot that fascinates you. This can be a museum or even a local shopping mall. Explore every bit of it that you can and you’ll find that learning more about a new place might be more fascinating than you expect it to be.

8 Waking up with a positive attitude is a definite must. Even as you open your eyes and get ready to face the day, Valentine’s or not, don’t allow your single-hood to become an issue. Revel in the thoughts of not having to wait for the shower or for your toothpaste to be squeezed in ways you don’t like it to be.

9 Go running or for a long walk. Burn off all that pent up energy from your system in a good way. If you have not yet picked out a hobby or a sport then this may be a good time to consider one. Remember, the key is in keeping yourself occupied.

10 Picking out something that you wouldn’t normally do. This may be a complete sane thing like arranging your underwear drawer or something as drastic as skinny dipping at the beach. Do whatever you wish, as long as you are happy and if you have a friend who can accompany you on this grand feat, then even better.

11 Pen love notes to your family and friends, as this would be a great time to feel loved and to keep yourself occupied. It may be as something as simple as “I value our friendship” or “It’s nice knowing you” or a full message on why you love them and the things you appreciate about them. This will definitely not only make your day, it’s bound to make theirs as well.

12 Have a deliciously long no alarm day! Spend the day lazing around in bed if rest is what you need. No alarm to start your day, no one pressing you to get moving. It’s just you, yourself and knowing that rest is all you need.

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