How to Start a Blog

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Starting a blog is easier than doing your own website. A blog can be personal or commercial or blogs that can be monetized. A personal blog are those that you just based on your own experiences or your daily accounts. Commercial blogs are blogs with business links or reviews for businesses offline or online leading to the websites or showing pictures as a proof. There are many things you should do or prepare to start with a blog

a.) Choose and sign-up for a free blogging account. is the most common free blogging site that you can start with. It is user friendly because you are guided with the templates, layouts, fonts and all you have to do is write your articles and then submit. It is easy to use and good for beginners. is also a good blogging site.

b.) Choose a niche – Niche is a target topic with a specified target market. You should know what you want to write about. If you started a blog about birth controls don’t mix it with poultry business whereabouts. You can separate them in another blog.

c.) You should be honest – you can write anything in the internet but of course those honest blogs are still preferred by people and as for your conscience, it is not good to mislead people. So honesty is still the best policy online and offline. If you need assistance for some facts, you can always use

d.) Check Grammars and spellings – a blog should be written in the universal medium which is English because your audiences are not only from your country but anywhere in the world. Check your grammars and spellings. It is good if you write it first in WORD file because it has auto-check for grammar and spelling. No one wants to read a blog with broken english sentences.

e.) If you want to monetize it apply a google adsense and add it to your blogs. But if you find it difficult to get approved you can always have an alternative; there are plenty of alternatives of adsense.

d.) You can also add pictures to make your blog very attractive.

Remember to write simply, you don’t have to write with so many complicated words that cannot be understood by your readers.


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