Getting Started As an Entrepreneur

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Here are a few basic steps one needs to take before leaping into the entrepreneurial life:

Step 1: Education: Every entrepreneur needs some sort of education, whether a college degree, certificate program or diploma. The people whom you will be dealing with may want to know what type of education you have. A high school diploma isn’t always enough.

Don’t have a college degree? No worries! Follow these links to learn about some great courses in Israel.

Step 2: Getting Into the Right Mindset: To become an entrepreneur you need to think like an entrepreneur. You need to read books, educate yourself, attend seminars, and do anything else that will help you get into the right mindset. The right mentality will guide you towards success.

Step 3: Be Organized: To be organized is to be on top of the various aspects of your life. Part of being organized is to understand that, right now, in order for your business to succeed, you need cash flowing into your bank account. No entrepreneur can succeed without any money coming in. There is a lot of excitement when starting your own business, but channel those excitements in the right direction until you start making money with your business – keep your day job.

Step 4: Business Idea: Don’t jump on the first business idea that comes to mind. Explore your opportunities. See what’s out there. Meet people in different fields and gauge the right business concept and model for you. When you find the right business opportunity, analyze, research, and study in order to become the ultimate expert in your idea’s field.

Step 5: Time: What kind of time frame do you have to devote to your new business? Are you willing to work daily? On weekends? In stints? It is critical to set a clear weekly and monthly time commitment – this will boost your motivation and ensure your productivity.

Step 6: Setting Goals: At the beginning of every week it’s important to set goals for the coming week. It’s also important to keep a monthly goal setter. The best way to start accomplishing goals is to write them down and have them posted in front of you as you work.

Step 7: Getting Legal: This is probably the most frustrating part but also the most important. Follow this link to learn about getting legal as an entrepreneur in Israel.


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