How to Stop Wasting Time Online

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Step One

Check your facebook account, myspace account, and email once or twice a day. Ok fine, you can check it three times. But remember, you do not need to be constantly online in these sites. Better yet, meet up with a few friends face to face to strengthen that bond of friendship you share over the social networks.

Step Two

Read internet news for only an hour every day. If you are a news junkie, break the 1 hour into two 30 minute chunks (one in the morning and one later), but do not spend more than an hour each day on news. Instead, use this time to get something productive done.

Step Three

Though looking at pictures of cute kittens is fun, icanhascheezburger isn’t helping you get your real life in order. Do that one task that you have been putting off instead of browsing through this internet phenomenon.

Step Four

Log out of chat clients when you are doing work. Your friends probably do not know you are working, and will send you messages, distracting you from your work. Log back in when you have free time.

Step Five

Limit how much time you spend playing online games. Games are addictive, but you really need to get back to reality to make sure internet is not taking over your life.

Step Six

These steps are hard to follow at first. But if you limit these time wasting online activities and replace the extra time you save by doing something productive, you will realize that the balance of online and offline life you have achieved will make you much happier in the long run.

Tips & Warnings

  • This article is only for people who waste a lot of time online and want to stop. Do not take this personally if you are on the internet a lot but don’t feel like are wasting any of your time.

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