How to Write a Professional Phone Message

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phone messageUsually secretaries, administrative assistants or other office staff will take phone messages for someone who is not available to answer a call at the time being. When writing a professional phone message you want to make sure that you clearly record accurate information in a well-organized manner.  Here are some great tips for writing a professionalphone message.

Things you will need:  phone, pen, message pad, and a clock

Step 1

answer phone

Answer phone

When you hear the phone ring you should try to answer it promptly, preferably on the second ring if you are able to.  State your name, the company, and/or the department. When the caller asks to speak to someone who is not present or not available to talk…simply say “I’m sorry but he or she is not available at the moment, may I take a message”?

Step 2

Write message

write message One thing you should be aware of is…if you are taking your message on a pad that contains carbon copy, be sure to press hard enough when you write so that it will transfer clearly. Management keeps the carbons to refer back to if they need to.

As you begin to write your message, make sure that you get the correct name and spelling of the person who is calling and a number where they can be reached.  If you are not sure of the correct spelling of their name, just ask them.

Write a detailed message in a comprehensible manner. Sometimes the caller may not want to leave a message, that’s OK…but you should still ask if they would like to leave their name and a number where they can be reached.  Record the exact time you took the message and be sure to sign your name or initials at the end of the message. Also, if the caller states that the message is urgent, you will need to indicate this somewhere in the message.

Step 3

Repeat message

After you write your message, you should repeat it to the caller as to make sure that you have recorded the information correctly.  Be sure to thank the caller before hanging up.

Step 4

Place message in appropriate place

After you write your message(s), you should immediately place them in an area where the person can retrieve them.

Step 5

Follow up

If you are not the person who normally answers the phone and takes messages, it would be a good idea to follow up with the individual(s) that you took the message(s) for to find out if they received them.


*Depending upon the urgency of the message, you might want to take the time to locate the person or find someone who can

* Be sure to record all information accurately

*If you know that the person will be away for awhile (vacation, day off, etc.) you should inform the caller

*You should use a message pad (if handy) to write your message on, rather than a scrap of paper

*You should always be very courteous to the callers

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