Blogging is fun

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Blogging is something that is enjoyable and fun, It can show many things such as things about your personal life,family,money making tips, arts and crafts along with graphical designs. People make up blogs for their personal enjoyment mostly and try to get people to view it,get comments on what other peoples words and thoughts are. In some ways making a blog is simple, in others it is not, You have to think about what sort of content you want on the blog, what the layout is going to be and what colors is going to go good with any graphics or images that your going to add, It is also good to have a Header or a Banner of some sort at the top to make it more appealing to the eye. Your Banner or header needs to match the content of the site in order to make it look good, for instance if you want a professional look, pick a nice layout and make a header that has your business name on it.,if your going to make a comic site for instance something with a funny cartoon for a banner and a dark background would look great, so when blogging take your time and think about it to get a great income.

Here is mine to show you how nice it could look


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