The New Queen

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A cool mist floated low over the turquoise blue water below the waterfall. Athlon and his wife had been coming on this day every year since they met. This is where they had first seen each other and fallen madly in love. Today was Athlon’s birthday and they were still as much in love as the day they met. They planned to have a relaxing picnic by the waters edge, well, as relaxing as anything can be when you are King and Queen. This was the one time of the year that they could get away from it all for a little while. Even their guard stayed back a ways to give them space.

They were laughing and enjoying themselves as they wandered the path down to the water. When they reached the edge, he spun around and pulled her into his arms. Smiling into her eyes and leaned forward and kissed a dew drop from her nose. His love for her was so powerful that he hadn’t noticed that there was someone else nearby. A man standing by the fall of water. His shoulder length hair was wet from the mists, causing it to curl slightly. He stood leaning back against the damp stone, watching them, his face not betraying his pure hatred for the King.

“ Happy Birthday, brother” He said.

Athlon jolted at the voice and turned to see his brother gazing at him through intense green eyes. “ Aros! What on earth are you doing here! What a wonderful surprise! When did you arrive?” He asked as he strode over to give his brother a hug.

Julia watched with a smile as her husband greeted his brother. It all happened so fast she barely had time to scream. She saw the tip of a sword pierce her husbands back, covered in blood, before she was grabbed by several pairs of strong hands. As though through a haze she heard the guards shouting, metal striking metal, and saw the pure satisfaction on Aros’ face. Inside her heart was rent in two. Athlon! How could this happen? How could his own brother do such a thing to him. She knew that she would be next and welcomed death for she was sure that she could not live with out him.

Julia was still reeling when Aros walked up to her. He grabbed her chin and turned her face up to his. “ I will not kill you Julia. You are too beautiful to waste in such a way.”

“ Why have you done this? You’ve killed your own brother! You are a monster!” She cried.

“ Why, you ask? I’ll tell you why. I killed him because he had everything that was rightfully mine. I should have been king, you should have been my wife. He did not deserve any of it. Now, what was his is mine.”

“ You cannot have me, and no one will put you on the throne when they find out what you have done!”

“ That, my dear, is why I will take his head with me back to the castle and show everyone what happens when they try to challenge me. Oh, and yes, you will be mine as well.”

“ I would die a thousand deaths before I ever let you touch me!”

At her words he slapped her hard across the face. She was bleeding from a split lip when he turned her face back to his and kissed her. Had she not been held down by two other men, she would have slapped him. Instead she stomped down hard on the top of his foot.

“ You will regret that! Bring her and follow me! Oh yes, I almost forgot.” he turned back to his brothers body, raised his sword and removed his head.


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