Five Great Reasons To Go On A Cruise

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Taking a cruise is one of the most exciting vacations I have ever had. I have now gone on three cruises and have another one scheduled for next year. Yes, that’s what I said, next year. I have found that booking way in advance gives you the opportunity to get room discounts and upgrades that you might not otherwise get. I have also booked every one of my cruises directly through the cruise lines and have had nothing but excellent service and deals. So, back to helping you decide if you really want to go. Here I will give you five great reasons to go on a cruise vacation.

You don’t have to drive! Hah, sit back, enjoy that margarita while you take in the great music and the warm sun, and let someone else get you to your next destination! Your biggest concern will be which deck do you want to sit on and what will you have at the buffet this time!

Almost everything is included in the price! So, now you look at the price of your cruise, factor in the length of time you will be cruising, then realize that your price includes, your stateroom, your food, your entertainment, and well, except on some shore excursions, your transportation! All you have to pay for are drinks, any gambling you do in the Casino, items you purchase in the duty free shops, and if you have the children with you and you want a night alone, babysitting services and spa treatments. Most cruise lines have a kids camp that is free for everyone during the day but charges a babysitting fee from around 9 p.m. to as late (or early) as 3 a.m. You get excellent food, live entertainment, the chance to meet new people, and a comfortable room for the entire length of your stay!

Wonderful destinations! This is an excellent opportunity to see places in the world that you might never see otherwise. Want to see Alaska? The Bahamas? The Mexican Riviera? How about Europe? Or, what the heck, take a world cruise! Okay, so the world cruise is a little excessive, unless of course you can get a whole year off of work. “Bye guys! I’m on vacation! See you in a year! I’ll send you a post card from Italy!” I wish! Anyway, taking a cruise vacation gives you the chance to see areas of the world without the worry about international flights, car rentals, and everything else. Unless you are taking a European cruise, most cruises leave from ports right here in the United States. Go ahead, search for cruises online, you will find a large number of cruise lines and destinations that might even leave from your own backyard! So far I have been to Baja Mexico and the Mexican Riviera. We plan to go to Alaska in the next few years and I would love to take a Caribbean cruise sometime too.

Great for the whole family! It used to be when you thought of taking a cruise, you would think of shuffleboard, and sitting around doing very little. Well, not anymore. Cruise ships have developed some of the most exciting activities for the whole family. You can climb a rock wall, go down a waterslide, try out a surfing pool ( yes, you can actually surf in this awesome new pool!), play golf, tennis, run the track, play fun games with an activities director, and lots more! The funniest game I think I’ve ever watched on board was the men’s hairiest leg competition! And that’s only outside! Inside, you’ve got the Casino, karaoke, dance clubs, card rooms, internet cafes, forum shops, game shows that you can watch or participate in, live music, and more. Got the kids? Check out the arcade, the kids camps, some cruise lines even have a movie theater, for teens there are teen only dance clubs where no adults except the staff are allowed. You can rent Gameboys and strollers as well. Oh yeah, and then there is the spa. You can get your hair done, get a facial, get a massage, get your teeth whitened, or you can exercise in the sports club! Want to see some of these activities for yourself? Carnival Cruise Lines has a fun virtual website you can check out called Funship Island.

Last but not least, Towel Animals! You can have so much fun with these towel animals! Leave a pair of sunglasses in your stateroom in the evening and just see what those creative people with do with them! Have a favorite animal you want to see? Just ask your room steward, you just might be surprised when you turn in for the night.

Each night you cruise you get a different animal! We have had, elephants, snakes, dogs, cats, monkeys, and more! They even made a cow for our relatives staying next door at our request! Have fun with it but remember to leave out a pair of sunglasses and maybe even a hat.

Still not sure? Well, I guess you will just have to go on one. Take a short 3 or 4 day cruise for your first time just in case you don’t like it. Remember though, if you do like it, go again and again and again. A little secret, repeat cruisers get higher status each time they cruise. With Carnival, when you get to Platinum status, you get priority everything! They also have this fun thing for repeat Carnival cruisers called a repeaters party. Free drinks, as many as you want, for a half an hour plus great entertainment! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and have fun! Maybe we’ll run into each other sometime!


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