Yoshi’s Island DS is a game that comes with age!

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I have so many fond memories playing the Super Nintendo Version of this game. Being released on its original console in 1995 and years later, in 2006 on the DS, i have to say the overall feel of playing it on the SNES is much more satisfactory for some reason. Nevertheless, the whole game concept is brilliant, no matter what console it has been released on.

The whole idea is you have to play Yoshi, which in past games, has been Mario’s companion and helper throughout his adventures. In this particular game, you’re looking after baby Mario, and your in a world of imaginative platforms and adventure, with enemies you may encounter and try and defeat. The thing that you must remember is to look after baby Mario and prevent him from any danger. If attacked by a monster, Mario gets taken away and you have to save him in the time limit otherwise you will lose a life and after losing all your life, its game over. The plot of the game is you have to travel through different worlds on Yoshi’s island and save baby Mario’s friend baby Luigi; Luigi had been kidnapped by Browser’s minion, Kamek. The DS version is a little different from the original SNES version though. This time the Yoshi’s have assistance of baby Peach, baby DK (Donkey Kong), baby Wario and baby Bowser, who offer their specific skills and abilities so the Yoshi’s may further proceed onto their quest to save baby Luigi.

My overall opinion on this game is that it’s been fantastically devised, and it’s a very enjoyable game to play. The reason i think this is because of its originality and creativity and these certain things make my gaming experience a little more magical. I think the music and sound affects are very memorable too, writing this review, i can hear the music in my head! If you’re looking to buy a game which is fun, creative, and altogether a fantastic product, go for this one. Because its Hugely based on the SNES version, it means your playing a game with age, as it was first released 11 years ago, when the game industry started revolutionizing. I deeply recommend you play it, as you may be missing a fantastic gaming experience!

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