Phillips Delizia is perfect for making ice cream on a budget!

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A manageable and easy solution to freeze ice cream. I recently decided to start making ice cream and i knew i had an ice cream maker hiding in the attic somewhere. So i took it down, and put the freezer bowl in the freezer and after waiting i could straight away make yummy ice cream with no trouble.

The general cost of the machine is around £35. It’s easy to turn on and for it to start working, low maintenance and has made making ice cream so much easier. It comes with a mixing/freezer bowl, a motor, the thing that churns it, and a detachable lid all easy to dismantle and no struggle at all once you get the hang of it. The lid has a hole which i think is a great idea because then you can add extra bits and pieces, such as fruits, biscuits, chocolate pieces depending on which type of ice cream you are making and it’s alot of fun really. The maximum capacity is about 1 litre which i think is a fairly good size when making ice cream, and from my experience it takes from 45 mins to 1 hour for the ice cream to be ready for serving. There isn’t alot of noise when switching it on, and its not a problem. You have to wash all the parts manually as its not dish washable. Still, not a huge problem as there are only about 4 things really to clean which i don’t think is too difficult.

Before realizing i had an ice cream maker somewhere in my attic, i had trouble freezing the ice cream in a conventional freezer as it doesn’t churn it like this ice cream maker does, and leaves it all icy and stiff. Now i can go and make ice cream which has a great texture to it, on demand, no worries! The only trouble is waiting for the freezer bowl to freeze as it takes 12 hours, but i can make a whole batch in a day which is perfect for my household. Homemade ice creams a whole lot more special than shop-bought ice-cream, especially using this machine!


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