Being in a Interracial Relationship

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Being in a Interracial Relationship
I can tell you first hand that sometimes it’s a rough road being in an interracial relationship. Not because of the 2 people in the relationship but the pressure from other people. In this article it will list a few things to help you and your partner to get pass the rough patch and bump in the road.

· Find out about your partner “yourself”– Never ever listen to what other people are telling you about your partner. Sometimes it will be a twisted story or at times a plan flat lie. If you care about your partner and want to know something asks your partner about it. You will be surprised how many people will do or say anything to make a relationship fail, especially an interracial one. It is also better to get something from the source itself, don’t go through third parties.

· Don’t listen to negativity– Please don’t listen to negative things. People will say things like: “you and he/she will never work so just give up”. Always fight negativity with something positive. Always remember a relationship last as long you and your partner is willing to work on it. If one of both partners gives up and throw in the towel that is when the relationship starts going down the drain.

· Having trust in one another– You and your partner need have a very strong trust bond. People will say anything and if you and your partner don’t have strong trust. You and him/her will start believe these rumors from others and it is a chance that eventually these rumors will get to you. This can start putting a strain and stress on your relationship. Don’t give in to the negative people who don’t want to see happiness.

· Pressure– Sometimes other people will pressure you into do things you don’t want to do. If you listen and give in to the pressure, your relationship will be over in no time. And that is exactly what some people would like to see. You have to stand strong and fight the pressure. I don’t mean to literally “fight” it’s just a figure of speech. Once people realize that you are not going to let things bother you and end your relationship, they will quit.

· Turning negative into something positive– Whenever someone tell you to “give up it won’t last” or wasting your time on this relationship”. Turn that negative around into something positive. Take it as a challenge and do your best to make sure that the relationship work and prove them wrong. That is the best and sweetest revenge of all is to prove someone who meant harm wrong. Make sure they see it; it will be like rubbing their nose in it.

If you follow these advice listed above you will have a better chance in surviving an interracial relationship that people might disapprove of. Just remember that it doesn’t matter what anyone say, if its love you deserve to be with that person. Always stand strong and keep your head up high. If you get though the bump in the road, you and your partner can be sure to know that your relationship can overcome any obstacle.


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