Could Marx Have Been Right?

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Karl Marx has had his name and ideas slandered and mocked in recent years. Since he predicted the end of Capitalism, and this has, as yet, only happened worldwide in the form of communism, which history has proven is not the best way forward…

But with current events in Wall Street New York and the ripple effect this has on the rest of the Global economy, I would am not surprised to see Marxist ideas arise again. A post capitalist world, however not communism, but something better..
However is the greatness in difference from wealthy classes and working classes, shrunk by the middle class, polarised enough to cause a class revolution?

Economists and journalists have been quoted recently, to paraphrase, how the worlds banking system will never be the same again, and the landscape will change forever… Concerning, mostly the merger of so many banks and large businesses into a number of super large banks.

Conspiracy theories are plentiful online of ideas of a New World Order, one global government, a small number of people running the world, and some believe that this credit crunch and recent global happenings are all part of the end goal plan
Could this really happen? How plausible is the idea that a few people could rule the world? 

Another possibility is along the lines of Marxism. But would people revolt and create a new class economy? And would the world allow a post capitalist economy? These questions, only time can answer, I feel. Is Capitalism the be all and end all? 
The current economic and world climate, and what ever happens post credit crunch, is very interesting, in that, this has not happened to this scale ever before, and no matter what, things will most defiantly not be the same when we get out of it, as was for the last number of years. No matter what the outcome.


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