Could She Be Faking An Orgasm?

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Guys have you ever wondered about women faking their orgasms? Well if there is a guy out there who doesn’t realize that some women do it, than you need to get a head check. Women do this all the time for 3 main reasons. In the article you will find out the 3 reasons of why women sometimes have to fake an orgasm. With all due respect males sometimes you just don’t get the job of satisfying you women in the right way.

Here are the 3 main reasons why women have to fake an orgasm:

·         They don’t want it to seem like they didn’t have any pleasure from the performance- A great percentage of the time a male doesn’t always satisfy the female like the way he should. But the blame can’t be on the male alone because if the females didn’t fake their orgasms, the males would know how to please them better. Most of the time males are the only one that leave out of the performance satisfied.

·         Females don’t want to hurt the males’ big ego. – Males come on face it you do have big ego when it comes to having sex. You say phrases such as “who is your daddy” and “girl this is the best you ever had it” but in reality sometimes it might be the worse. Not all but some females sugar coats it, to make it seem like they were in heaven the whole time. So what the woman tend to do is save us the big letdown of the male’s ego, so they will do and say anything just to make us feel happy.

·         Females want the males to hurry up. – The female may want the males to hurry up in bed because the performance is so bad that they just can’t take it and want it to be over with.

So for the males, your question might be: How to solve this problem on the females faking an orgasm?

·         You and partner should be honest with each other because this is the only way you will know how well you are pleasing your partner.

·         You should also be able to tell if the orgasm is real or fake. Here is what to look for :

-There should be increased breathing and heart rate.

-Reaction from the size of the clitoral head, this will tell you when you’re on the right track of pleasing your partner.

-Dilated pupils are another sign to tell you that your partner is about to reach her peek.

-Your partner can’t hide or fake vaginal muscle spasms; this is the biggest hint of your partner reaching the max.

-Your partner lips will become really red when they are almost there and at the point to have an orgasm.

-Your partner will get very sweaty and start breaking out in sweats. This happens because the muscles are working overtime and her breathing will become heavier.

-Nearly most if not all the time a women have a real orgasm, their nipples will become very erect. If your women don’t have hard nipples at the time, it’s a good chance she is faking.

-Her clitoris usually gets very sensitive after an orgasm, if she doesn’t slow up or stop than that was probably a fake orgasm.

-Be sure to check to see if her cheeks are flushed.


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