Here, have another cupcake.

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By all accounts, Georgia Lee Jones (27) did a lousy job monitoring and treating her daughter’s Diabetes.  In fact, the 9 year old often had to take readings of her blood glucose levels herself and give herself insulin injections.  No word on what Jones was doing instead that was more important.  But even more atrocious is the fact that Jones often fed her daughter foods that were high in glucose like noodles and sweets.  The girl died in her mother’s bed, next to a partially eaten cupcake, after her sister’s birthday party.

Chastity suffered from stomach pain, diarrhea and vomiting earlier that day.  Her mother checked Chastity’s glucose level, found it dangerously high, but still fed her noodles and let her eat cupcakes and candy.  Parents groups are feverishly debating now whether prosecuting Jones sets a dangerous legal precedent.  Will parents face prosecution every time a child dies of natural causes? But hospital records show that Jones was lax about managing her daughter’s disease.  Child Protective Services had been investigating the family since 2001.

Chastity’s parents were separated at the time of her death.  Her four younger sisters have been placed in the care of their paternal Grandmother.  This is an incredibly sad story, and the girl’s father is bereft, telling the press that the family has suffered enough.  I sympathize with him, but I feel that Butler deserves to spend her life in jail.  Giving a little girl candy and expecting her not to eat it is cruel.  Giving a Diabetic little girl candy is murder. 


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