Adult Education Tutor as a Career Path

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Adult education is one of the most important elements of our educational system. Adult education provides opportunities to individuals who for one reason or another were unable to complete an education during their formative years. Whether it was a family disaster, or whether it was a learning disability there are individuals who wind up as adults without a basic education. Adult education is a noble pursuit in that it helps the individuals become better educated, to become more productive and to improve our society as a whole.

If you are interesting in adult education tutor as a career path there are some things that you need to realize. First of all, there is no formal certification process or program for adult education tutors. There may be some localities or states that do have certifications or licensing for this type of career path, but for the most part adult education tutors don’t fall into that sort of a category.

Next, you need to understand the education requirements to become an adult education tutor. Technically, as an adult education tutor you don’t necessarily need to have completed any higher education. However, there are many, many advantages to completing a higher education if you wish to be an adult education tutor. For example, you can take courses in adult education. You can take courses on the adult learner, so you can better understand how exactly to help adults learn. You can even pursue a degree in education and while you are waiting for a teaching position to open up you can work as an adult education tutor as a career path. Some colleges or universities offer certificates in adult education. You may be able to take courses specifically that help you to become an adult education tutor. Often, these programs will also be able to help find you placement as an adult education tutor upon graduation.

Adult education tutors very often may also be school teachers who teach secondary students or high school students. Adult education tutoring provides opportunities for school teachers to moonlight and not only make a little extra money, but to contribute positively to their community.

In most communities, the local school districts or the local community organizations will be the providers of adult education tutors and courses. So, if you wish to pursue adult education tutoring as a career path you’ll need to contact those organizations directly to find out exactly what their recruitment process involves.

If you are interested in adult education tutoring as a career path you might also want to consider becoming a literacy tutor. In addition to adult education, adult literacy is a tremendous need and one that allows you opportunities to make a difference in your community by helping individuals who have difficulty with reading.


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