How to Play Cribbage

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Cribbage is an interesting card game that is played by two players. Cribbage is one of the most common games that is played all around the world and can be an especially exciting two player card game.

Cribbage can be an enjoyable game. Typically, a game of cribbage will take less than an hour. You need very little equipment to play, just the deck of cards and the cribbage board.

In order to play cribbage you will need a cribbage board. The game is started by placing the cribbage board in between the players. The pegs of the cribbage board will start out at the top. The objective of the game is to be the first one to score 121 points over several games.

To start playing, cut the cards. This determines who will get the deal in cribbage

If you receive the lower of the two cards, you will deal first. The person who deals also shuffles. You will deal six cards to yourself and six cards to your opponent, dealing them alternatively, one at a time.

If you are dealing you’ll place two of the six cards face down and if you’re not dealing, you’ll do this as well. This forms what is known as the crib. The dealer is allowed to use the crib and gets to score the crib after the hand has been played.

Next, the person who is not dealing cuts the deck. You will turn the top card of the bottom half of the deck over. This determines who starts. If you start with a jack, and if you are a dealer, you will move two holes with your peg. You then place the starting card with the crib to be counted at the end of the game.

The non-dealer starts by playing any card from their hand and calling out the value of that card. The dealer then plays a card and calls out the sum total of those two cards. The players alternate until the sum of 31 is reached.

Once the sum of 31 is reached, the player who reached it says go. Then the other player must continue to play until she reaches 31, or until she cannot play a card that makes the sum less than 31. Whichever of the players comes closest to 31 gets one peg. If a player reaches exactly 31, they score two pegs.

You will now take turns playing this way until all the cards that each player has are used. You will then score the cards in each hand and the dealer will also score his hand, followed by the crib. The deal then shifts and this continues through the end of the game.


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