Pill poppers unite: how to manage multiple prescriptions

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If you have multiple prescriptions, you’re probably sick of making trips to the pharmacy.  Consider switching to an online prescription management site, like Medco.com or drugstore.com. After the initial set-up, which will likely require a faxed prescription from your doctor‘s office, you can have your prescriptions shipped to you at home. You can also refill the prescriptions online. Most places will offer generic versions of popular drugs and free shipping, too, so you can save money as well as time.

Write down all your medicines on an index card, with a column for morning meds and a column for evening meds. The list can include vitamins and supplements, too. Keep the index card in the drawer or cabinet where you store most of the medicines.

If bottles have a generic prescription name that’s unfamiliar to you (such as Sumatriptan Succinate), mark the more familiar, brand name (in this case, Imitrex) on the bottle with a pen. Hang a small wall calendar nearby to note when it’s time to visit your doctor for a refill.

If you keep some of your prescriptions (such as dermatological lotions) in a separate part of your home, use self-adhesive page markers or flags (sold at office supply stores) to mark what time of day to take them (i.e “AM” or “PM”).


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