How to Make Newspaper Sailor Hats

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Things You’ll Need:

  • Half a sheet of newspaper for each hat.
  • Tape to make it last longer if you want.

Step1 Hatstep1_Thumb.jpg Figure A First you need to fold the newspaper in half horizontally. (Figure A)

Step2 Hatstep2_Thumb.jpg Figure B Next, fold the newspaper in half again but now vertically. (Figure B)Then open this fold so you have a crease vertically down the middle.

Step3 Hatstep3_Thumb.jpg Figure C Next, fold both of the upper corners into the crease you just formed. (Figure C)

Step4 Hatstep4_Thumb.jpg Figure D Now, fold the bottom flap up on front side, then flip the hat over and fold the bottom flap up on the back side. (Figure D)

Step5 FinalHat_Thumb.jpg Final Product Lastly, you can use some clear tape to secure the folds if necessary.

Now you are done! Stick it on your head, make a paper sword, throw on an eye patch and start playing Pirates!


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