How to Make Paper Flower Pots

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Things You’ll Need:

  • Newspaper or any kind of non glossy porous paper – Cut into inch wide strips
  • Flour
  • Water
  • Flower pot to use as a form.
  • Plastic wrap

Prepare Paper Mache “Glue”

Mix 1 part flour to 1 part water. You can make as much as you think you will need and if you run out, it is super simple to make more.

Mache Proof your Flower Pot

Cut a sheet of plastic wrap big enough to cover the entire outside of the flower pot. Once cut place the flower pot in the middle of the plastic wrap and pull the plastic wrap up to tuck inside the flower pot. Securely tape the plastic wrap to the inside of the pot. Make sure it is covering the entire outside of the pot…if it isnt the mache will stick to the pot making it hard to get out. Cover your Flower Pot in Paper Mache

Dip your paper strips into the “glue” until just moistened. Starting from the top, begin covering the OUTSIDE of the plastic wrapped flower pot with the “glued” paper mache strips. Allow to dry and then repeat this step until your reach the desired thickness. (The thicker the better for a flower pot) Remove Inner Flower Pot

Allow to dry for a couple of hours then undo the tape from the inside of the flower pot then pull the flower pot out of the paper mache mold. You will then be left with a flower pot mold. It is important to leave the plastic wrap in the bottom since you will be putting moist soil in the pot. Paint and decorate

If you used newspaper and want to paint, I recommend that you put a white base coat on first. This will make the paint brighter in the end. There are so many ways to decorate paper mache and you can really have fun coming up with different decorations. If you will be planting this pot directly into the ground, you must be aware that anything you put on the pot will go into the ground too. Planting

Once plant has taken root and started to grow it is time to plant. Carefully pull the plastic wrap out of the pot trying not to displace too much soil. After it is out, pat down the remaining soil, dig a hole in your garden, put your paper mache pot into it and cover with soil and wahlah!


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