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The Works of John Flavel (6 Volume Set) Part 1 of 2

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Welcome to the Still Waters Revival Books video book summary for “The Works of John Flavel” 6 Volume Set by John Flavel Part 1 of 2

“The Works of John Flavel” – Volume I

The Life of the Late Rev. Mr. John Flavel, Minister of Dartmouth

The Fountain of Life Opened Up; or, A Display of Christ in His Essential and Mediatorial Glory. Containing Forty-Two Sermons on Various Texts.

“The Works of John Flavel” – Volume II

The Method of Grace in the Gospel Redemption

Pneumatologia – A Treatise of the Soul of Man

“The Works of John Flavel” – Volume III

A Treatise of the Soul of Man (continued from Volume II)

A Practical Treatise of Fear

The Righteous Man’s Refuge

A Succint and Seasonable Discourse of the Occasions, Causes, Nature, Rise, Growth, and Remedies of Mental Errors

Vindiciarum Vindex: Or, A Refutation of the Weak and Impertinent Rejoinder of Mr. Philip Cary

A Postscript to Mr. Cary

Giving a Brief Account of the Rise and Growth of Antinomianism; the Deduction of the Principal Errors of that Sect, with Modest and Seasonable Reflections upon Them

A Sermon on Gospel Unity Recommended to the Churches of Christ

“The Works of John Flavel” – Volume IV

England’s Duty, Under the Present Gospel Liberty. From Rev. iii 20. to Which is Added, Mount Pisgah; Or, A Thanksgiving Sermon for England’s Delivery from Popery, Feb. 1688-9

Divine Conduct: Or, The Mystery of Providence, Opened in a Treatise upon Psal. lvii 2.

A Faithful and Succinct Narrative of Some Late and Wonderful Sea-Deliverances

Antipharmacum Saluberrimum: Or, A Serious and Seasonable Caveat to All the Saints in This Hour of Temptation

Tidings from Rome: Or, England’s Alarm

“The Works of John Flavel” (Volume V)

Husbandry Spiritualized

Epistle Dedicatory

To the Christian Reader

The Proem

Part I

Ch 1 – Upon the Industry of the Husbandman
Ch 2 – Upon the Thriftiness of the Husbandman
Ch 3 – Upon the cheerfulness of the Husbandman
Ch 4 – Upon the due quality of Arable land
Ch 5 – Upon the Improvement of bad ground
Ch 6 – Upon the incurableness of some bad ground
Ch 7 – Upon the plowing of corn-land
Ch 8 – Upon the seed-corn
Ch 9 – Upon springing-weather after seed-time
Ch 10 – Upon a Dearth through want of rain
Ch 11 – Upon the corruption of the seed before it springs
Ch 12 – Upon the resemblance of wheat and tares
Ch 13 – Upon the dangers incident to corn from seed-time to harvest
Ch 14 – Upon the patience of the husbandman for the harvest
Ch 15 – Upon the harvest-season
Ch 16 – Upon the care of husbandman to provide for winter
Ch 17 – Upon reaping the same we sow
Ch 18 – Upon the joy of harvest-men
Ch 19 – Upon the threshing out of corn
Ch 20 – Upon the winnowing of corn

Part II

Ch 1 – Upon the ingraffing of fruit-trees
Ch 2 – Upon the union of the graff with the stock
Ch 3 – Upon the gathering in of fruits in autumn
Ch 4 – Upon the cutting down of dead trees

Part III

Ch 1 – Upon the husbandman’s care for his cattle
Ch 2 – Upon the hard labour and cruel usage of beasts
Ch 3 – Upon the seeking of lost cattle
Ch 4 – Upon the feeding of fat cattle
Ch 5 – Upon the husbandman’s care for posterity
Ch 6 – Upon the husbandman’s care to prove and preserve his deeds

Meditations on Birds

Upon the Singing of a nightingale

Upon the sight of many small birds chirping about a dead hawk

Meditations upon Beasts

Meditations upon Trees

Meditations upon a garden

Navigation Spiritualized

To Every Seaman sailing heavenward

To the Reader
Ch 1 – The launching of a ship plainly set forth
Ch 2 – The Boundless Ocean
Ch 3 – Fish of the Sea
Ch 4 – Mire and Dirt of the Sea
Ch 5 – Seamen are watchful against dangers
Ch 6 – Ships are guided by the helm
Ch 7 – Seamen on reaching land forget deliverances
Ch 8 – Skill in improving all winds
Ch 9 – Taking the opportunity of wind and tide
Ch 10 – Trading among all nations
Ch 11 – The Contest between sea and rocks
Ch 12 – Seamen run dangers to gain earthly wealth
Ch 13 – Millions of sea creatures fed
Ch 14 – Salt sea water sweetened as it passes through the ground
Ch 15 – The Sea set within bounds
Ch 16 – The Necessity of the compass
Ch 17 – The Ebb and flow of the sea
Ch 18 – Waves may threaten to destroy
Ch 19 – The ship’s Lading cast overboard in the storm
Ch 20 – Christ’s “Peace be Still”
Ch 21 – Food out of the sea
Ch 22 – Skill in fishing
Ch 23 – The Cause of Unprofitable voyages
Ch 24 – Fishes of prey
Ch 25 – The Misuse of sails
Ch 26 – The Smallest leak can sink a ship
Ch 27 – Tradewinds
Ch 28 – The Pilot’s skill revealed during storms
Ch 29 – The Ocean Depths are hidden
Ch 30 – The Sea devours men
Ch 31 – Greatest dangers near the coast
Ch 32 – Joy at reaching the haven
A Concluding Speech

A Caution to Seamen – A Pathetic and Serious Dissuasive from the horrid and detestable sins of drunkedness, swearing, uncleaness…

A Sober consideration of the sin of drunkenness

The Art of preserving the fruits of the lips

The Harlot’s Face in the Scripture-Glass

Mercies and Promises

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