Monday, December 11

The Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water

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Coconut water is obtained from young, immature green coconuts which will become brown and hairy when they mature.  This water should not be confused with coconut milk as it is the clear liquid found inside the young coconut while the milk is made by grating the flesh of the mature coconut to obtain a white liquid, which has a high fat content.

The benefits of drinking coconut water are various however for health reasons and because of the electrolytes it contains, it is used by patients recuperating from illnesses. Coconut water helps their immune systems and assists in their gaining vitality by balancing the PH in their body.  It not only has a high level of potassium, magnesium and chloride content but also contains vitamin c, manganese and calcium. While it helps by carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells, it has also been found to help in keeping diabetes in check within diabetic people and balancing the PH within the body. Coconut water helps fight against viruses such as herpes and flu and apart from this, is also totally sterile. It takes nearly nine months for a coconut to filter every litre of coconut water. Because of this feature, it has been used in various wars as an alternative to plasma and given to wounded soldiers when medical supplies were not available.

Since coconut water is nearly 99% fat free and is low on natural sugar, it aids in obtaining natural weight loss. As it also helps in cleansing the digestive tract, it raises the metabolism of the body. After exercising, coconut water will naturally replenish the body’s fluids thus hydrating the body.

Drinking coconut water during pregnancy has been found to be safe, in fact its consumption assists in usual pregnancy problems such as heartburn and indigestion.Since coconut water satisfies almost all the nutrition which is necessary during pregnancy, it is best that the mother drinks at least one coconut water every day. This will help in keeping her body refreshed.Intestinal disturbances in Infants can also be solved by giving them coconut water to drink.

Coconut water has so many benefits that it is a shame that it is much promoted in certain parts of the world.


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