Sunday, December 17

Best Way to Make a Fire Structure That When Lit, Lasts Long.

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1) the first thing you want to do is gather items that can be used to make your fire. You will need things like dry and fine substances, small, medium and big sticks. Because you don’t want to have to run about to quickly find things to put on your fire as soon as it is alight, because this will make you panic, waste time and the fire will properly go out.
2) now you are going to want to get a few or the larger sticks (roughly 6 – 7) and lay them all down in a row. You will then want to get about the same amount of big sticks and put them the opposite way. You would want to do this until all the sticks are used. Working from the largest to the smallest.
3) you would now want to get something that could light easily ontop, like steel wool or something. Then you would want to gt very small twigs that can bend into a upside down v shape, and start stacking them on top to make a kind of teepee structure.
4) here you may want to make a pot hanging over it, shelter for it, or just light it. Your going to need another article for that though, this is just the structure of it.
5) you would now want to light the right bit. (in my case the steel wool) and just watch it burn. You also may have to gently blow on it to get it going.
Tips + info
Depending on how much fuel you have, this fire could burn all night.
Remember the fire triangle. A fire needs oxygen, fuel and heat.
This technique means that the fire starts from the top, and burns down – like a candle.
Remember there is a platform underneath it.
Don’t let it spread everywhere at the end.


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