Sunday, December 17

Law of Attraction: Who Do You Want to BE Today?

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I just finished reading the book “When Fish Fly: Lessons for Creating a Vital and Energized Workplace” by John Yokoyama and Joseph Michelli.  It’s the story of how a lowly fish market became “world famous” by deciding that was who they were going to be.  They developed the intention, changed their mindset, and crafted their actions to fit that intention.

How can you use this information? First, decide what you want to be—the nicest boss ever, for instance.  Then make a list of all the behaviors the nicest boss ever would exhibit.  Finally, behave like that. Maybe, to start with, you can only do it for an hour, but as you practice and become aware and deliberate, the actions will become natural.   You’ll know you have succeeded in “being” that when you hear people refer to you using the words of your intention (“I work for the nicest boss ever!”).

If you have your own business, you might want to choose who you want to BE that is actually going to make you money.  For instance, say you’re a life coach like me.  I bet you’re spending a lot of your time in your business doing things other than actually coaching.  But coaching is what you get paid for, right?  So decide, that for one hour a day, I will BE a coach–I will coach someone, even if I have to do it for free.  The rest of the day you can do other administrative tasks, personal development, and so on, but for at least one hour a day, BE a coach.

Who do you want to deliberately BE to most benefit your business and your life?  Start today.


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