Monday, December 11

Law of Attraction: Problem–Solution

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There was a story on the national news last night about obesity in America.  They said 75% of Americans are overweight, and were attributing it, in part, to larger portion sizes encouraged by larger plates (apparently dinner plates used to be 9 inches and now they are 12).  As I was listening to an Abraham-Hicks CD this morning it occurred to be that the bigger (no pun intended) the problem gets, the more people develop a solution. 

For every problem, there is an equivalent solution. Often, it’s not the person with the problem who develops the solution because they are so focused on the problem.  Someone else observes the problem, but since it’s not personally affecting them they can more easily shift their focus to possible solutions.  The person with the problem may never take their eyes off it, and live with it all their life.  But if they do turn away from the problem looking for a solution, many are available from those who were able to create solutions.

The vibration of the problem is different than the vibration of the solution. Much like looking into a dark cave with a flashlight, you can only see what you are focusing on, and everything else doesn’t exist for you.  Are you focusing on your problems or are you focusing on solutions?  Take some time to get clear on what you think your problem is and then write down how that makes you feel.  For example, my problem is I don’t have enough money to pay my bills. This makes me feel anxious and afraid.  Now turn your attention to possible solutions and write down as many as you can think of.  Beside each, write how it makes you feel.  You are reaching for a solution that makes you feel good. Come back to the list over several days, or even ask friends for suggestions.  Once you find solutions that you feel good about, you can take the guided action that will ease your problem.

Another thing you can do is take the emotions that the solution will bring you and see what else you are already doing, or could easily do, that would bring you that same feeling.  For instance, if the feeling is freedom, what can you do, not related to your problem, that gives you that same feeling of freedom?  Practice the feeling that you want and the substance will follow.


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