Thursday, December 14

Questions? Anyone?

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“The highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.”—Dr Wayne W. Dyer

I ask a lot of questions. I always have. I’ve written in the past about asking questions. Now more than ever I think that it’s important that we all question more. Don’t just question, but listen to the answer, evaluate it, turn it over and over, look at it from every angle imaginable, decide if the answer is right or wrong and then after all of that, act on it. By acting on it, I mean to ask yourself, “is this information I agree with, and if so do I need to put it to use?”

Ignorance today is becoming more and more extant on this planet. You would think with all the knowledge available to us through the Internet, our libraries, and the media, ignorance would just about be wiped out. We have more and more knowledge available to us than ever, yet I am appalled at the vast numbers of uninformed. They might know whom the latest celebrity is sleeping with, but they don’t know much about their neighborhood politics or the issues facing the Gulf at the moment.

There is so much information coming at us that we are becoming overwhelmed. Instead of asking questions, processing the information and only using what we need, we, as a society are either trying to take it all in, OR we’re rejecting most of it and only paying attention to what entertains us.

The sad part of all of this is that we are losing the ability to think and reason along the way. Our brains become so exhausted trying to take everything in that we just shut down, turn on our computers to You Tube, or our big screens and veg out. In doing so we hope to get a little mental rest. Instead we are shutting out valuable information that we should be questioning instead of just letting it seep in.

We are being lied too constantly. Our politicians lie, our leaders lie, our friends, family and neighbors lie to us. We lie about big things and little things. It has become part of our culture. Yet few of us question it. We just accept it. Or we accept that it’s just a lie and then trust no one.

It’s time that we as individuals started to question everything that goes into our minds. It’s time for us to protect our minds with filters that let only the truth in. It’s time we took responsibility for what goes into our heads.

Here’s a good start:

  • Is it true?

  • How do I know this?

  • Do I trust the credibility of the source?

  • Is this something I need to know?

  • If so how can I verify it?

  • If I ignore this information will it impact me negatively?

I’m sure you can come up with more but this is a start. Make a commitment to question everything and see how much better your decisions will become.


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