How To Deal With Pregnancy Constipation

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Pregnancy and constipation seem to go hand in hand but just becuase you’re pregnant, doesn’t mean you need to suffer for 9 months with it.  Because of hormone fluctuations plus the fact that our bodies are getting loads of extra iron in our prenatal medication, it can result in stools that are difficult to pass.  It can make us miserable!

Pregnancy and Laxatives

Of course women who are pregnant don’t want to be taking drugs that could harm the baby but there are safer things you can do to keep things moving and keep stool soft enough to not feel like you need to actually give birth in order to have a bowel movement!

Laxatives are not something recommended for anyone as they cause the colon to contract and over time you can become addicted to them and your colon will become lazy.  When constipated, be sure that you are getting plenty of hydration to help keep your stools soft and consider taking a walk. Mobility often helps with motility!  Eating smaller meals can help your body metabolize the food better and reduce transit time (the time it takes the food to digest and a bowel movement to occur as well.  If possible, try to get 25 grams of protein every day and be sure to hydrate yourself well.

Foods to Help Constipation When Pregnant

(or otherwise!)

*Psyllium fiber is something that can really help get things moving and was my saviour during my pregnancies.  My doctor approved a supplement called Prodiem for me. You can eat psyllium wafers or buy a supplement such as Prodiem which involves taking a spoonful of some mint tasting material that resembles birdseeds.  Be careful that you drink a full glass of water with Prodiem because the psyllium beads expand when they get wet.  This is why it helps clear out your digestive tract! If it expands before you get it down to your stomach it could present a choking hazard.

Whatever you do, don’t stop taking your prenatal vitamins due to constipation.  The iron is vital for you in your pregnancy otherwise you will develop an iron defficiency which will make you tired and winded and very unhealthy. There are a lot of pregnancy resources to help you with pre-conception, pregnancy and beyond. Do take care in doing due dilligence and researching before believing everything you read as a lot of opinions differ on safe pregnancy medications and remedies and a woman’s health and risk factors have to also be taken into consideration.


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