Wednesday, December 13

Learning To Practice Guitar The Right Way

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Being a good musician never comes easy. It requires practice, knowledge, understanding, and dedication. Many people pick up the guitar thinking they will be able to learn all their favorite songs, but become quickly discouraged when they don’t pick things up as quick as they thought they would. In most cases, this is caused by the inability to practice correctly, and to overcome obstacles. Take a few hints from me, and if you put them into practice, I can guarantee you will progress faster.

1. Start out small.  -Don’t expect to play the hardest song you know in the first month. Learn songs that will be easy for you to pick up by ear, and that you can learn and remember. 

2. Learn to read music. – Learning to read music might seem like a long, tedious task, but if you put hard work into the first couple months of reading music, you will begin to understand what you are playing. You will almost surely start to pick up songs much quicker once you understand the notes!

3. Learn your fretboard! – Learn where every note is on the guitar! This will help you build muscle memory and soon enough you will be able to quickly change positions and chords.

4. Practice Correctly! -If you are learning a song, learn it the right way. Do not fumble through one part just to get to the next. While you are learning a song correctly, you are also teaching yourself technique that will follow you with any song you learn. If you can play 1 song, you can play 1,000. 

5. PRACTICE SLOWLY! -Don’t expect to learn a song if you try to play it as fast as an experienced musician plays. You must practice it as slow as you have to so that you play it correctly. Then you start to speed up, but never playing it faster than you can play it correctly. If you follow this rule, you will progress MUCH MUCH quicker. Learn to be patient. Learn to get it right the first time. 

6. Have fun, but stay focused. -Staying focused will tremendously help you. If you can focus immensely for 15 minutes, this will help you much more than a half-focused 60 minutes. You will not only learn quicker, you will save time on your practice schedule everyday. 

Hope this helps…any questions just ask me


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