Monday, December 11

Take my Advice, Get Out of an Abusive Situation While You Can

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Last week my fiance slapped me around, leaving cuts, bruises, and a swollen face. i was terrified, i called the police and now he is still in jail. I figured he would be out of jail in the morning, and so I called a shelter. The shelter was no use, there was no beds open, nor were there any available beds within a 2 hour radius. I had no money, no gas, no food. Hopeless and lost, I turned to the church. They fed me and put me into a hotel for 2 days. While I was at the hotel I met a group of people that were there on buisness. Upon seeing my face, they asked what happened. When I explained my story, they took me to lunch.  One individual took it upon his self to let me stay in the extra bed in his room, no strings attached, so i wouldnt be sleeping in my car. Another individual has been paying for my meals. I am truely lucky these people from across the United States ended up in this hotel. I asked one last night why they were helping me, they said they saw my Veteran’s ID, and that if I risked my life to go to Iraq for the freedom, nothing they could do could ever repay me. I wanted to cry, it gave me faith in my nation again, and made me feel even stronger that the 15 months I spent in Iraq were well sacrificed.


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