Friday, December 15

The Power Of Insignificance

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How you ever thought about how powerful insignificance is?

Noor, I don’t get you, how can insignificance have power ?

Hold on my friend, let me explain.

When most people start something new they get excited cause they
might feel that this will make them successful.

But after a few days, or a few weeks, they begin to feel
insignificant cause they haven’t made the impact that they had

Because they feel that they have “failed”, they stop trying and
give up. They let insignificance take a hold of them.

What they fail to realize is that most successful people were
insignificant when they started out.

Look at Oprah.
Look at Steve Jobs.
Look at Will Smith.

No one who is massively successful starts of with extreme

No one.

Can you see the power of insignificance now ?

Its so powerful that it has kept atleast 80% of the world from
reaching thier dreams.

YOU can take this power and use it for you own

When you feel that insignificance is trying to show its ugly head,
you can push it back down and ignore that feeling

Everyone is insignificant before they become Significant !

Everyone !

You just have to push on !

What small step can i take today that will move me 1% closer to my
goals ?

Just 1%

Take Action on that now !

Your Coach


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