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Vitamin B12 Deficiency Causes

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Human body to function, although consumption of vitamins and minerals should be balanced periodically. Much of the information to a wide range of sources, a number of advantages of the different types of nutrients to the body, and a description of what food is food resources. Eat a balanced diet and a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, with all the requirements to ensure a long and rich.

vitamins, vitamin D in the body is one of the most important of all. You can say that your body is not enough vitamin D (vitamin instructions) and the production found a much vitamin D may do this without symptoms. These are symptoms of vitamin D is known throughout the world, and if not treated early can be very harmful to the body. Read more about vitamin A deficiency.

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    Vitamin and what will
* Doses of vitamin D

For vitamin D
Vitamin D is commonly known as the sunshine vitamin. “That’s because vitamin D is produced in the body resulting from exposure to direct sunlight. The main purpose of vitamin D in the body through a diet rich in calcium for strong bones and teeth. A person who shows some symptoms of vitamin D generally leads to a lack of sunlight. Deficiencies of vitamin D is seen by many around the world and people are often symptoms such as weak bones, such as the soft bones and skeletal abnormalities. There are many other health problems that can effectively stop the removal of signs and realize that the healing of D. Vitamin D Read more about causes of low vitamin A levels?

Symptoms of vitamin D
Vitamin D deficiency is characterized by symptoms similar to what you need with ease. If any of these symptoms by improving the immediate need to go to a doctor and a number of corrective measures. Moreover, by knowing what foods vitamin D. These are the effect of vitamin D

    * Rick: Vitamin D This is not a symptom. The bones are fragile and easily damaged or broken by the impact of the newspapers are the main cause of lack of vitamin D. The incidence of vitamin D seen several older.
Pigmentation * NOTE: If a person is full of pigmentation of the skin can produce vitamin D. This is usually seen as a consequence of depressive symptoms.
* Inflammatory bowel disease: inflammatory bowel disease, popular movements have to be careful, because it is a symptom of vitamin D is recognized as one.
* Obesity: overweight people with vitamin D should be careful that people are more obese, with symptoms of vitamin D.
* Other symptoms of vitamin B12 in the appearance of a lack of Zambia, a low calcium levels in the blood, high blood pressure, tuberculosis, depression, bowed legs, chronic fatigue, diabetes type I and bone pain, chronic pain in muscles or joints. Read more about the symptoms of low levels of vitamin D.


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