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Packing For Summer Camp

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Knowing what equipment to pack for Summer Camp is very important since this will be all the equipment you will have during an expedition which sometimes may last for some days.

When deciding to what camp you’ll be going, send in all required enrolment forms and medical forms. Medical information should include your medical history and any known allergies to foods or plants or medications. If medications are currently being taken, list this information in the medical form.

Ask about what gear you need to bring since this may depend on what activities will be held during the camp. Some programs may require specialty items that have to be  purchased specifically like a scouting uniform for a scout camp etc.  When in doubt, always check with the program to make sure that everything is accounted for.

Another thing to ask about is whether food will be provided by the organisers or if has to be taken. Try to remember that all gear should be labelled so that each item could be identified and it may be necessary to go shopping for some missing items.  Make travel arrangements to and from the camp.

When going camping, it is usual to carry everything in a rucksack. Since any equipment inserted in the rucksack will have to be carried, great care must be taken to place everything correctly in order to make carrying your rucksack easier.

The way the rucksack is packed may effect your balance, your posture and your breathing. Before packing things, try to think about where they are to be put.  The main rule is to pack the light things in the lower part and the heavier things in the upper part. This means that the centre of gravity is high on your back and the rucksack is much more comfortable to carry. The total weight will be the same however you pack it, but it is much less tiring when the rucksack is packed in such a way that it helps your posture and stresses the muscles that you use a lot in everyday life. It is very important that when walking with a rucksack, you walk with a straight back.

Packing the rucksack

Try to choose a rucksack that fits you and is not too big or too small. Any items you may need to lay your hands on quickly, should be in the side pin plastic bags.  This will keep everything in different compartments and it may also protect your things should it happen to rain. It is very frustrating not to find something you know you had packed and having to make do without it.

Camping Equipment needed 

Although the following list may vary slightly depending on the kind of activities to be held during Summer Camp, here are some items which are necessary that they will be taken.

Personal Gear including some lightweight t-shirts, underwear, sweater, jeans, pyjamas, plenty of socks, a raincoat, swimsuit, and flip flops

Shower items including shampoo, shower gel, toothbrush and toothpaste, comb or brush, toilet paper, tissues, insect repellent and towels.  Don’t forget to take towels for the beach or swimming pool

Washing Clothes including soap, pegs and rope

Eating kit including plates, cutlery, cup or mug, dish cloths, pots and pans

Sleeping Kit including sleeping bag and pillow

Torch and Spare batteries

Sunblock, hat and sunglasses

Paper and pens or pencil

Any extra equipment necessary including a personal first aid kit containing some band-aids

Getting homesick

If this is your first camp away from your family, you might get homesick and miss your family.  It is good to plan things for such an eventuality while camping. Taking a family photo in your wallet will remind you of your loved ones and will make them seem to be not very far away. It is also a good idea to plan for those times you will get bored since there may be times when there are no activities held. To help in these times, take a magazine or a favourite book which will help pass the time until the next activity.

Going to summer camp is very exciting, however it is a wonderful way to be independent,  make new friends, learn how to get along with others, develop new skills, learn about nature and practice your swimming among other things. With a little preparation, you can help ensure that your time at  Summer Camp will be fabulous!


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