Top Seafood Restaurants in Los Angeles and Vicinity

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Living by the ocean is usually a blessing for many things. One of those things is fresh seafood. Los Angeles boasts some of the best restaurants where you can get your share of some of the tastiest seafood that you will ever consume. Unfortunately seafood at restaurants is usually on the expensive side, but if you pay a lot and you get a real good piece of fish then at the end it’s all worth it. This list will show you which are the top 10 places that can guarantee you a good eat.

Chart House (

13950 Panay Way, Marina del Rey 90292
At Via Marina

This restaurant is one of the best around LA. Their menu is big and often times that leads to difficult times in deciding what you want. But whatever you end choosing will be good. The herb crusted salmon and snapper hemingway are the top favorites among the fresh fish selection. And if you are a happy hour person, this restaurant has it everyday from Monday to Friday from 5 to 7pm.

Club Sushi (

1200 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach 90254
At Pier Ave

If you are a sushi lover, this is the place for you. And if you are far away from the place don’t worry. They have under one that is under construction in Hollywood. The fish is a little bit on the pricey side but it is always fresh. The service is very upbeat and it is very rare to find a place with a service like this one. If you pop in between 4 to 6pm the sushi and beer are half price.

Derrick’s Jamaican Cuisine (

6806 La Tijera Blvd, Los Angeles 90045
At W Centinela Ave

If you want consistent fresh and tasty food, this place is for you. The service is very pleasant and the food will certainly leave you wanting more. The prices are moderate but definitely worth it for the portions you get. The only ‘bad’ thing about this restaurant is that it is tucked in the back of a strip mall, so it may be a little difficult to find. One suggestion, if you like beef try their oxtail.

El Pescador

5230 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles 90042
Btwn S Avenue 52 & S Avenue 53

What is better than a big glass of Corona and good food? This place offers both of these and much more for little money. They have seven different soups and you should at least try one if you visit. The service is excellent but be prepared to wait a while for your bill. Somehow it always take them a while.

Fish Grill (

7226 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles 90036
Btwn N Alta Vista Blvd & N Formosa Ave

Where else can you get a good meal for $30? I believe this is the only place and it’s not only cheap but the food is very fresh. The decor is nothing to be crazy about, but who cares? You just go in, sit down, eat some good fish and get out.

H.Salt Fish & Chips (

11870 Santa Monica Blvd #110, Los Angeles 90025
Btwn S Westgate Ave & Armacost Ave

You don’t have to be British to be crazy about fish and chips. This place offers the best deal in the area and is very ideal for lunch. But you should not go during busy hours because this place is small and seating is very limited. The service is extremely fast and if you want proof of how many people love this place, go during lunch hour.

Kincaid (

500 Fishermans Wharf, Redondo Beach 90277
At N Harbor Dr

If you like a combination of loud and upscale places look no further. This restaurant offers both while maintaining a good service and fresh seafood. You will also be paying for the location because it is situated at one of the most beautiful sites in Redondo beach.

Oyster House Saloon

12446 Moorpark St, Studio City 91604
At Wilkinson Ave

The best thing you can get here is the chowder. You will never taste any better chowder anywhere. It is a fun place to go with friends in a group as the place can get in a party mood and gets loud. The prices are very reasonable especially for a 1dz oysters with vodka. The service is very good and the waiters are always ready to oblige.

Providence (

5955 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles 90038
Btwn Wilcox Ave & Cole Ave

Probably one of the most romantic restaurants in the area. If you have a date or an anniversary this is one place to consider. If you are a first time goer, try their tasting menu. The food comes in small portions, nice presentation and creativity.

Sona (

401 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles 90048
At Westmount Dr

Another romantic restaurant, but this time a little bit on the pricey side. But you will be paying for amazing food, good service and a nice location. If you are a first timer at this place try their nine course tasting menu and I can assure you that you will be blown away.


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