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4 Effective Ways to Make Money With Google Adsense

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Google Adsense is probably the largest advertising and marketing provider on the Internet. Google by itself is already an assurance in legitimacy. You do not have to even worry that you will not be paid by Adsense. So nobody cares about payment proofs and business legitimacy for Adsense.

What is the problem with Google Adsense then?

Well the only problem publishers face the difficulty to earn money with it. As it is based on CPA, clicks is everything. Although traffic in thousands still earn you some money, but it is really considerably little unless your traffic is in millions daily.

After some efforts and trying to make money with Adsense, I have found various effective ways to earn with Adsense. Here are 4 very effective ways to earn with Google Adsense.

1. Most people thinks that putting advertisement banners on websites and blogs is the only way to earn with Adsense. This is a misconception. Publishers who wants to earn more can try to post some content like pictures and videos on Flixya. One very remarkable point about Flixya is that it pays you everything you earn. Yes, 100% all yours because the payment is generated by Adsense. All you need to do is to link your Google Publisher ID on your Flixya account. This way, you earn by sharing YouTube clips and interesting photographs on Facebook or Twitter. After using Flixya, I found that my Adsense earning jumped remarkably.

2. If you love to write, then Triond is for you. It is a get paid to write website just like Bukisa. The only thing different about Triond is that it shares the Google Adsense advertisement revenues with you. All you need to do is to link your Google Publisher ID on Triond, you are ready to boost that Adsene earning right away.

3. Set Google Adsense advertisement on RSS. Many people may be oblivious of this possibility. It is possible to place advertisements by Google on RSS. This will not only increases your traffic to your site, it will also increases your Google Adsense earnings significantly. You may wished to read – What is RSS?

4. Post more photographs or pictures on your blog. This is something which I found in the recent years of blogging. Somehow, people tend to search for image more than what they search for words. After posting some interesting pictures, I did an analysis and found that 50% of the traffic directed from my blog came from Google Image Gallery. it, it really works for my blog.


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