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Home Roofing Materials And Installation

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Roof designs and shapes vary and roof coverings vary also. Roof coverings may be slate, tile, composition roofing paper, wood shingles, composition shingles, tar gravel surface, metal, and glass roof coverings. Basic types of roof construction, flat, pitched, gable, gambrel, shed, hip, dome, lantern, butterfly, and arched style roofs. With all the different types of roofing materials and types of roof construction some roofing materials, designs, and installation protect the home, provide insulation, and are more cost effective than others.

The introduction of this article is home roofing materials and installation. But this article was on the high yield topic list so I also need to cover the things mentioned in the above paragraph. The things mentioned were materials that best protect the home, provide insulation, and are cost effective.

The best way to cover the subject matter of this title is to break it down into categories.

Slate: Slate is a very durable and long lasting type of roofing material. Slate is also very heavy so your home may need extra structural work done before installing slate on your roof. Slate will cost you more but will last between 3 and 5 times longer and will not blow off or curl and crack like composition shingles. Slate is not cost effective at first because it lasts longer, is better insulation because of how it’s made and will protect your home well for a long time.

Composition Shingles: Composition shingles is what I have on my home and composition shingles are cost effective but as I stated in the above paragraph composition shingles can be blow off easily, crack, curl and start losing their color after the first two years. Composition shingles are cost effective, have fair insulation and protect the home fairly depending on what part of the country you live in. Composition shingles can last 15 years or longer depending on the type brand shingle or warranty that comes with that brand.

Metal or aluminum: Metal or aluminum roofing seems to be an idea of the past but become a good idea for the future. Metal or aluminum roofing is light weight but durable and can reduce your energy bills. Metal or aluminum roofing will last 25 years or longer and is a medium cost, good insulation and very good protection for your home for many years.

Wood Shingles: I don’t have much to say about wood shingles other than they are costly, not really durable, cause rot, can be a major fire hazard, can shrink, crack, become brittle and not last for a long time on your roof. So I would say wood shingles are not cost effective, does not insulate well, and will not protect your home for a long period of time.

Plastic Authentic Roofing: This is something new I found in my search for roofing materials. This stuff is made of synthetic and is durable, heat resistant, impact resistant and gives you UV protection, a 50 year transferable warranty, considered a green product, 100% recyclable, light weight plastic, non conductive, class 4 impact tested, and has a class A flame retardant rating with a 15000 hour direct Arizona sun exposure protection. This product withstands extreme weather with hail and high winds. You do the math below and see how cost effective it will be for your home. This product sounds like it insulates well and will protect your home for a long time. You can click on this link or copy and paste it into your browser to find out more about this new roofing material.

$2.62 per Slate 7” exposure= 172 Pcs/Sq 258 LBS. 172 X $2.62= $450.64

Solar Roofing: Solar roofing is becoming somewhat more popular because is it considered to be a green product. There are different types of roof products that clam to generate electricity from sunlight. Solar panels are claimed to be rugged and withstand winds over 160 miles per hour. Solar roofing insulates well, protects well, but not so cost effective on installation but will pay off later in lower utility bills. I’ve searched the internet for warranties on solar panel roofing and most companies do not warranty their product for over 30 years. But you do your homework to find out more about solar panel roofing.

Photovoltaic Shingles: This type shingle is similar to the composition shingles they are lightweight, wind and water tight, fire resistant, 20 year output, lifetime limited warranty, no extra support needed, durable, protected by alunar with Teflon, energy star rated, class A fire rated and withstand 80 mile per hour winds. So I would rate photovoltaic as medium in cost effective, protects fair but insulates well.

In closing the choice of roofing material you choose you need to consider the region of the country you live in, the type weather conditions your region has from year to year, cost effectiveness in long term, how well your new roof will insulate your home and how well this roof will protect your home for a long period of time.


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